Four Surprising Search Facts

Recent Rovi Usability Studies on entertainment discovery shed light on consumer habits related specifically to the content search function on the TV. The findings might surprise you.

  • Users search titles more often than we thought. Respondents search using specific titles ~35% of the time when looking for on-demand video.
  • But many times, searching does not work. 72% indicated that they could not find the desired content when searching an on-demand library. 27% reported having found the desired content after the fact, within the same library.
  • Or, titles are not top of mind. When respondents can’t recall a title, they tend to search by the following variables instead: lead actor, character description, dominant object and setting of story.
  • And when searching fails, they find something else – or jump ship. Users typically look for similar content, but they might also seek access illegally. Or, they will abandon the activity altogether.